Dear Reader,

While spending months in California earlier this year, I was able to write a handful to new songs. They were colored by views of palms and bougainvillea, sunshine and surf, far beyond the closed-in hills of Appalachia. Most of them will need a lot of editing, however the song The Wonder just sort of tumbled out and landed on its feet. It's always so stunning and mysterious how some songs do that. 

I consider it a diptych paired with Quiver from last month's post; just add a hinge. (I suppose it's not to early to confess I've been mulling over which songs to record for a new collection and these two rise to the top as contenders.) Anyhow, where Quiver looks at the way we surrender, The Wonder looks at the way we speak. It was cathartic to write this one and I am looking forward to recording it.

The Wonder | words & music by Heather Kropf | ©2023

Untethered from the life I knew / like footprints washed out in the waves / it's all here and now / weathered by the waiting / a plane ascends into the blue blue sky / I tried my best and never got that high / so I packed my things and said a few good-byes / now I'm reading highway signs / with no plan in sight / there's no getting used to silence / I learned that the hard way / If you reach out / like moonlight on the water / I will be here / washed out in the waves / time means nothing to me anymore / except I see my image in the mirror / and I see just what it's done / friends are static and I can't explain / I keep hoping to see you on the screen / saying how it's been / you know I think of you all the time / I see your name on street signs and gravestones with one letter changed / watched the moon cycle in and out of shadow / the ground thaw and freeze / I drove by my old house / and I see the trees I planted there / there's no getting used to silence / heaven knows I've tried / in uneasiness or wonder / all silence is sublime / if you reach out / like moonlight on the water / I will be here / washed out in the waves / in the spotlight / the universe applauds / in these dark nights / and highway desert days / these roadside wonders / here and now / come and go / did I choose this freedom / or my heart's devotion / or this tawny conversation with a canyon 

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