Hello. Thank you for reading this post. I wanted to share some news about my bassist of over 20 years, former life partner, and now closest friend. Randall Venturini is facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment. It's a rare b-cell lymphoma that was discovered after an emergency abdominal surgery last fall. I have been absolutely shattered by the news and wanted to find a way to ease the next phase of his life. 

If you know Randy well, you know he's never one to ask for help. Therefore, I created a GoFundMe to provide opportunities for our broader community to assist him financially through this overwhelming, critical and uncertain time. It is greatly needed.

Whether or not he is a peer of yours or a stranger, if you are in a position to contribute you can click the link HERE. Thank you for helping to extend his life into a new decade (60 on Sunday!).

With all my love and gratitude for your abundant care,


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