…traveling, disappointed. My plans to relocate to the west coast have been placed on indefinite pause due to some unexpected, difficult life events. On my fourth day of driving all my things east to settle back into a life in western Pennsylvania, I finally realized I don't want to keep feeling like I'm living in a waiting room; I'd like to build something. I'll be mulling over that one for a bit.

Lately – and with good reason – I have been on a roll to feel all my feelings so…I love the one who is…furious. There is a lot that has absolutely broken my spirit this year. From moldy homes to unexpected job loss, to surreal new health matters, to endings of relationships, to trouble re-training my voice yet again. 

To remain sane, I have found myself gravitating to a few public voices, especially ones who value precision in language and can sometimes make me laugh. Top of my list is the hilarious and erudite insight of novelist Walter Kirn. He started up a newspaper called County Highway and does a weekly media wrap-up and short story review podcast on Racket News. I laugh outloud, frequently.

Music has also been a great regulator. I created a chill mix of songs I am currently listening to on Spotify called Late Sun: Popf Mix Vol. 1. Have a listen and let me know what you think. I hope you like it!

I love the one who is…surrendered, held. 

We are only here briefly and everything becomes rather magical when you live in this state. I've been there a lot, lately, for myself, my friends, this life. Peace is possible.

So, as another years winds down and a new one begins, my hope is we remember to feel it all. Pause to watch crows in trees, give someone a hug just because, listen without an agenda or judgement, tell yourself the truth: “I love the one who is ____________.”

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, however you may celebrate. My December of homemade cooking and buying fresh flowers also includes tender inroads to a more musical future. I've got some lyric editing sessions this weekend for a song I hope to finish recording in 2024 (for my wonderful Kickstarter backers). See you in the new year.

"Can you imagine this isn't some kind of fight?

It's softer than rolling hills

Hums when we turn out the lights"

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