Dear Reader,

Summer has arrived and it seems I have finally scaled back my schedule so that I truly have blank time for whatever comes up.

In the empty hours what has surfaced are lazy hours rummaging through and organizing my song / demo video files on my hard drives. To collect a number of those in one spot, I've recently set up a new TikTok account. If you're already on TikTok follow me and I'll be sure to follow in return! If not, read a book and watch sunsets and be exponentially happier, for sure.

One of my favorite things that I found is a nearly full song-length bootleg of Rain Quilt with the trio at Rockwood 3. The rearrangement of the song is by Chris Parker on guitar and Jeff Berman (not pictured) on drums. I've always liked this approach to the song, which is much more subdued on the album.

When I'm not neck deep in cataloging my work or in pre-production for the next album project, I've been listening to new releases and falling hard for a few artists. I made a new Spotify summer playlist called Pluto's Oracle: Popf Mix Vol. 2 in tribute to Pluto entering Aquarius (yeah, I'm a planet person…). Pluto and Aquarians being what they are, the mix isn't a typical summer mix. It's a bit moodier and evolving as the summer goes. Feel free to drop by to have a listen anytime. I've gotta say I've been enjoying it, myself.

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