Dear Reader,

The grind of living pulverizes new sprouts into a mush, yet I am beginning to write to rescue what I can and maybe make some sense of the past few years. Right now, I'm sitting in a house that is not mine overlooking the water to the Seattle skyline. Everything is a version of green and blue grey today. My companions are two cats for the next four weeks.

I've been traveling, mainly as a way to start over but also because I don't know what else to do. The medical stuff I've been dealing with is a long game and until it's stable I'm at its mercy. There is life to be lived but it's a life of living in between, patient and persistent. It's been lonely. After 3.5 years of making this my top priority the good days are just now starting to outweigh the bad. It's like seeing sunlight catch bits of sand at the beach, glistening.

I thought I'd start writing a journal on my website and see where all this writing and singing and wanting to making things leads now. Hi. To start, I'd like to share the lyrics of a news songs from the past few years. Here is my only finished song for the entire year of 2022. It's one I wrote about failure. It's also about love that lasts.

I'm considering cutting the last verse. I like it but I'm not sure the song needs it. Be back to write more soon.

Waiting in the Wing / words & music by Heather Kropf / copyright 2022

It didn't work out / but we're still friends / took the leap / found kindness on the ground / you still finish my sentences / I still know just when to leave you along / sometimes it's so close that you can't see / maybe if you let go of the dream / the ground is cold / you're by my side / you see me as I am / half alive / this broken body and battered mind / never seem to cross the finish line / sometimes it's so close that you can't see / maybe if you let go of the dream / you'll find love / was never waiting / in the wing / you still call me just to ask / if you can bring me anything I need / I reply with a smile / I'm sending cash / I'll see you in awhile 

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